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    Five Key question

    Five Key Questions Personal Development Solution enables individuals to assess, recognise and develop five key aspects of their life. Through an in-depth and challenging exploration of the following key questions, the young person is taken on a personal journey to unlock inhibitors to their success.

    1.Where have I come from?

    • Developing a sense of who we are and why we are can be achieved by creating a link to our past


    2.Who am I?

    • If history is inextricably linked to identity, then who have you become?


    3.Where am I going?

    • Setting goals is great, but what about the huge chasm between thought and accomplishment?


    4.What can I do?

    • Desire and passion starts things, ability completes them.


    5.Why am I here?

    • Why should you perform to the heights of your potential and achieve the depths of your dreams?

    Harrow College Student Testimonials

    “I think the workshop experience was beneficial and very helpful it made me think and gave me lots of ideas

    “I now focus on my course work a lot more now”

    “I feel that this workshop has helped me to think about my future more clearly”

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