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    Benefits for Mentor:

    • Enhance communication and social skills
    • Improve leadership qualities and management skills
    • Improve confidence, motivation and interpersonal skills
    • Activity compliments CV
    • Achieve a sense of fulfilment and personal growth.
    • Participation in voluntary activity which is valued by employers
    • Gain recognition for your skills and experience
    • Coaching training

    Benefits for Mentee:

    • Self-esteem boost
    • Receive practical advice, guidance and support
    • Opportunity to learn from the experiences of others
    • Improve social and academic confidence
    • Enhance communication, social and study skills
    • Gain specific strategies to address personal and academic challenges
    • Set SMART targets and receive support in achieving desired outcomes
    • Opportunity to make new friends and increase support network
    • Assistance in overcoming barriers to learning

    Benefits for learning institution:

    • Contributes to strategies related to positive behaviour management
    • Addresses issues of attendance
    • Addresses issues of behaviour
    • Improves overall grades and attainment levels
    • Promotes positive school ethos
    • Supports social and emotion aspects of learning curriculum (SEAL)
    • Supports the development of an emotionally literate school/college

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