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    How the Programme Works

    Ethos facilitators are experienced in conducting Peer Mentoring Programmes within a wide verity of academic institutions. Our team provide facilitation, support, guidance and resources from the initial consultation and planning meeting, to the presentation of certificates at the end of the programme.  Our services are inclusive of:

    Initial consultation and planning

    • Ethos facilitators will make key recommendations in delivering the programme with minimum disruption

    Frameworks for selecting potential Mentors

    • Ethos will provide guidelines for selecting potential mentors

    Facilitation of Parent and Staff information sessions

    • Ethos facilitators will conduct a full presentation to parents of potential mentors and staff (if required) explaining the purpose, commitment and benefits of the programme

    A fully interactive mentor training programme

    • Ethos will deliver the necessary training for potential mentors, equipping them with the necessary tools to succeed at peer mentoring

    Preparation workshops for Mentees

    • Ethos will deliver a preparatory workshop for potential mentees

    Matching workshop

    • Matching is always a difficult task, thus Ethos facilitator will work with the academic venues support staff in matching peer mentor to peer mentee.

    On-going support, monitoring  and evaluation of mentoring process

    • Continual monitoring and assessment of impact is in built in to the fabric of the programme. Both mid-term and end of project outcomes are evaluated from a number of sources.

    Assessment frameworks and resource packs for mentors and mentees

    • Ethos facilitators will provide support, guidance and resources during every mentoring session. The programme also includes on-going training, individual supervision and on-going opportunities for reflection.

    Facilitation of mediation and  drop-in groups

    • As an optional element, Ethos can setup lunch time drop in groups where mentors provide additional support for mentees during lunch times.

    Certificates for participants

    • Participating mentors receive a certificate at the end of the programme acknowledging effort, commitment and skills gained
    • The programme as a whole is interactive and mentors and mentees alike will benefit from the positive environment, opportunity to personally develop and the celebration of success.

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